[Giveaway] Prizes, Requirements and Rules!

Hey guys! Just before releasing 0.3, I noticed we were over 20k downloads. That's insane!!

I want to do something to thank you guys for the support, though it was hard to decide on something that felt appropriate. Hopefully this does the trick!

I'll be running a giveaway for the next two weeks. Everything you need to know is below:

What's the prize?

- Create your own character for the game! Design a character with us that everyone will be able to interact with. We'll give him his own art, side-quest and dialogue!

- Create your own costume! Receive a custom costume for your character, exclusive to you! Wouldn't the MC look better if he were, say, your fursona or your OC? If you don't have one, that's okay, too. You can dress the MC however you want!

- One full year of Patreon content! Receive early updates, give your opinion on polls, and gain access to high-resolution images of characters and CGs. (If you're already a Patron, I'll think up a back-up prize!)

(Depending on turn-out, I may add a second-place prize at a later date)

How do I enter?

Easy! Just follow these two steps:

1. Follow us on Twitter: @OrveiaGame

2. Like, comment and retweet this tweet:


Rules/Admin Stuff:

Entry closes August 5th. One winner will be chosen and contacted through Twitter DMs. "Create your own character" prize is subject to restrictions to keep it in line with the game's atmosphere. "Costumes" are purely cosmetic items that have no effect on gameplay or CGs. No prizes will be exchangable for real cash value. We reserve the right to cancel the contest, or disqualify a winner, at our own discretion and for a variety of reasons (for example, using multiple accounts). 

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Did it, at least to use my twitter one time in the year x) Have to play the newest version, I really like this game ^^

I love this already


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My morals have fully broken down... I've joined Twitter.

But I'm glad to say that supporting this VN is why I ended up doing it! Orveia is one of the newest VN's I've played and one of my favorites as well. I hope that this contest gets your name out there, you guys deserve the publicity!

Edit: Oh, and good luck to everyone in the contest! I hope that you've got a good character to pitch!


Wow, thanks! I appreciate the kind words!