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Hey guys! Here's part one of this month's update, which will be split into two! It's mostly just set-up for the next quest-line, but it also introduces our raffle winner: Bruno! I hope everyone enjoys! <3

As some of you might notice, public jumped from 0.7 to 0.9. Patreons got a little valentines day treat, and so I've just bundled 0.8/0.9 together into one build!

Patreon version can be found here: Orveia 0.10

Patch Notes:


    ∙ Continued the main quest-line with "Chasing Shadows"

    ∙ Introducing our raffle winner, Bruno! He's joined Hanok to aid you in your search of your friend

    ∙ New Areas and friends, with new backgrounds

    ∙ Dates! You can now do the first date with:

            - Thomas

            - Rohan

            - Finn

            - Zold

            - Flint

    ∙ New naked sprites for Thomas and Flint

    ∙ New Background for the beach. This won't have much use yet, but you can see it in Finn's date :)


    ∙ So many bugs were fixed in this patch, (largely thanks to Umbra on Discord!). I'm only listing the ones I feel are most important

    ∙ Hanok is no longer magical, being available at both the tavern and his hut at the same time

    ∙ Fixed an error with Rohan's logs/iron requirements for wolf traps

    ∙ Can now m*sturbate to reduce companion's lust, even if yours is 0 (scenes will come later)

    ∙ Patched an issue where the "Stealing Steel" quest would appear multiple times in quest-log... again. Hopefully this one works!

    ∙ If you leave the otter alone, your lust is no longer emptied

    ∙ Added an option to skip the NSFW scenes with the wolf if you win via lust

    ∙ Fixed some misplaced text in the Kane Soldier's after-battle scenes

    ∙ Fixed some general UI errors in the companion menu

    ∙ Fixed quite a few errors in which you wouldn't be rewarded the achievement point for doing things

    ∙ Added required ingredients to Rohan's chat about creating torches

    ∙ Fixed an issue where mint wouldn't populate in the Otter's drop-list

    ∙ Mardoc's reputation no longer remains "Neutral", despite saving the town. You'll now be "Trusted."

    ∙ Fixed an issue where the Kane Soldier's description cut off early

    ∙ Flint's tavern dialogue about Ash will no longer appear if Ash is a follower

    ∙ (Hopefully) Fixed Flint's repeating dialogue after the town assault. The code's kind of wonky here. :S

    ∙ Companion stat info is now properly placed, rather than being offset ~30 pixels

    ∙ Added a "Nevermind" option when asking Rohan to make torches

    ∙ Removed Flint from available tavern choices if he's being detained

    ∙ Fixed soft-crash when entering your home

    ∙ Fixed hard-crash when doing the non-companion scenes after battles

    ∙ Fixed hard-crash when grabbing the moon-charm in the caves (My first Ren'Py 8 problem, woo!)

    ∙ Fixed a problem with the Gauntlet that enabled Ash to be talked to before he was meant to be

    ∙ Flint might not have appeared in your relationships, it should fix itself now

    ∙ Other small internal issues. I hope it makes things more stable <3

    ∙ Again, I cannot stress enough how big of a help Umbra was for these bugs and SO much more. If one of these things were bothering you, it's likely him that got on my case about it. xD

    ∙ (0.9.1) Fixed the ginger root not spawning in the outpost, as well as the achievement

    ∙ (0.9.1) The achievements "Question Someone" and "Find the Culprit" now work correctly, and should back-date upon loading a save :)

    ∙ (0.9.1) Fixed a main-menu crash while talking to Dal

    ∙ (0.9.1) Fixed a problem with some chats with npcs, that would show incorrect images or placements

    ∙ (0.9.2) Fixed a problem with "The Wolves Among Us" quest where it would not progress if the forest was burnt down


Orveia 0.9.2 (Windows) 95 MB
Apr 14, 2023
Orveia 0.9.2 (Android) 108 MB
Apr 14, 2023
Orveia 0.9.2 (Mac) 90 MB
Apr 14, 2023
Orveia 0.9.2 (Linux) 89 MB
Apr 14, 2023

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Was this abandoned?

next update?

(1 edit)

Can't finish tales by the fire quest what am I doing wrong that's the last one I have that doesn't say WIP

on my android version the map button doesn’t work so I can’t gather anything 

Deleted post

Crow go brrrrr

Deleted post

You can befriend a crow at one point. (Not a crow-person. A literal crow.) It gives you one singular free gold whenever you interact with it thereafter.

Deleted post

Oh, right. Addressing you original question: You don't have to actually get 10,000. The merchant mentions that he will cover most of it, and pull on other village leaders to cough up as well. I don't remember your actual total, but you don't need 10,000 by yourself.

Deleted post

When I report Myaun for custody there is some error I came to store but Flint the one got aatked, chat with thomas about Myaun interrogation is gone. And public just until Hanok hut? And new update is next week For ver 9?

Mind posting the error as a reply or in the Bugs/Typos/Suggestions thread? I'll take a look :)

Public 0.9 should be up until Hanok's new hut, yes, and the dates! Next update is going to be in around 1 month.


Luv this game so much. Keep going!! 💪🏻

(2 edits) (+1)

Wait how do you get the date with Thomas and Rohan? It says I'm dating all of them too.

Also, it seems like Flint's date is repeatable. Are any of the others the same?

Both of them should be right when you talk to them if your friendship is high enough. 

None of the dates should be repeatable, so I'll have to fix that. :P

how are u dating all of them? im tryna do that too lol

(1 edit) (+2)

holy shit the dates had a shit ton of horny added but were also pretty close to being the most adorable thing I've read in months lmao. great job!


I read dating all of them won't have any consequences but might have some people be jealous if you date an ex but will people dislike/stop being friends with the character if we reject the romance/stay platonic?


Thank you! I appreciate it :)

Also, no. Even if I do persue that route, I don't have any plans for it to ruin your friendships with any of the guys. Maybe just a little drama to spice things up. :P


thank you was a little scared XD


OMG this update was so good... but wait, will things get complicated if I have too many romantic interests...?


I replied to someone else above and it also answeres this question if you're interested, but the short answer is no. Date whoever you want :)


Thanks, that's quite relieving...


how do you go on a date with zold?


I bought an item from him and he made a comment then said come after hours, maybe try buying a potion and seeing if he has the dialog with you too?


Oh....New update...and thank you sir <3