Public 0.7 / Patreon 0.8 - Available Now!

Hello everyone! Hope your days going great!

Here's the newest update for the game! It contains a bunch of new stuff, including a new alternate line in "Outside the Law", the beginning of the second quest-line, new sprites, a new area, and more! I really hope you guys like it <3

You can find the Patreon version here: Orveia 0.8

If you want to try the alternate fork in Outside the Law, download this and place it in your save folder:

Save State: 

IMPORTANT: This save state overwrites whatever is on Page 7, Slot 1. If you want to change the slot, just rename the file [page]-[slot]

Patch Notes:


    ∙ Alternate route for "Outside the Law"

        - Finn joked about burning down the forest, but you could take it seriously, if you wanted

    ∙ First Quest in the new quest-line, "The Wolves Among Us"

        - Bad things keep happening in Mardoc. Gather information, question your suspects, and narrow it down to find the culprit.

    ∙ New Area: Army Outpost

        - Enjoy repeatable battles with left-behind soldiers, featuring 3 new nsfw scenes with nsfw sprites

    ∙ Zold's Sprites! Our horknee bear is finally showing his face!

        - He now has 2 poses and 6 faces, for a total of 12 new sprite options

    ∙ The Forge! Added a new way to obtain the forge/anvil


    ∙ Added a recipe for Torches. It's added to Rohan's shop inventory when the Forge is unlocked

    ∙ Flint and Ash are both available to speak to during the day, not just during tavern open-hours

    ∙ Fixed some mis-matched BGs in Mardoc and the Forest

    ∙ Fixed an error with battles and companions, where you could lose from lust damage even if your companion was alive

    ∙ Fixed an error with Myaun's idol, where stealing it would result in a soft-crash

    ∙ Companions now correctly gain health from sleeping

    ∙ Companions now correctly lose lust from m*sturbating

    ∙ Gold loss from losses to Outlaws is now a random number between 2-5, down from 10

    ∙ Requirements for the traps in "Den of Troubles" is now 4 iron and 2 logs, down from 20 and 10 respectively

    ∙ Friendship required for Rohan's CG scene is now 6, down from 10

    ∙ Fixed various quest-log and achievement errors (thanks Ropufu on itch!)

    ∙ (0.7.1) Fixed soft-crash when entering your home

    ∙ (0.7.1) Fixed hard-crash when doing the non-companion scenes after battles

    ∙ (0.7.1) Fixed hard-crash when grabbing the moon-charm in the caves (My first Ren'Py 8 problem, woo!)

    ∙ (0.7.1) Fixed a problem with the Gauntlet that enabled Ash to be talked to before he was meant to be



Orveia 0.7.1 (Windows) 92 MB
Feb 06, 2023
Orveia 0.7.1 (Android) 105 MB
Feb 06, 2023
Orveia 0.7.1 (Mac) 88 MB
Feb 06, 2023
Orveia 0.7.1 (Linux) 87 MB
Feb 06, 2023

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Really excited for the upcoming new storyline. Though I was completely tricked by the imposter...


Oh...good..It is glad to see you again.Hope u r fine.

Just needed a bit of a break, thanks for your concern. :)


is there any way i can ask rohan whats going on? right now its just crossed out with PER10 on it


Nope, it's locked behind that skill-check. It doesn't restrict you from making any choices, though. It just means you have less information to work with.

so its not possible to get it?

Not unless your Perception is at 10 or above

theres a bug where the game encounters an error while trying to travel to your house to sleep and if you ignore it it will send you to the crafting area of the house and constantly find an error if you hit nevermind


There's a patch coming for that in a few minutes. Thanks for reporting it!

One thing that worked for me was to just go do a few fights at the flatlands. Once you go back to the house, it should stop giving you that error.





Heck Yeah, W