Public 0.4 / Patreon 0.5 - Available Now!

0.4 is here! This update features a huge rework to the battle system, a new CG featuring Rohan, our first costume (patreon-exclusive), and much more! Boar and I worked extremely hard on this, and we even have some new guest-writer content. Let me know what you guys think of it!

Patreon 0.5 can be found here > Orveia 0.5 Release

Patch Notes:


    ∙ Continued the "Outside the Law" quest

    ∙ Tease Rohan

         - Full CG, includes a few choices + one optional picture (sniff sniff)

    ∙ Three new Side Quests

         - Checking the Perimeter (Help Ash secure the Outlaw Stronghold)

         - Need Some Cream (Help Zold with easing the villager's strains) (Guest writer: Rikaeus)

         - Healing Salve (Help Zold with healing Thomas) (Req: Encouraged the robbery in Mardoc)

    ∙ Expanding the River

         - Encounters with Hanok (Req: Completed his scenes in Mardoc's tavern) (Guest writer: Rikaeus)

    ∙ Expanding the Outlaw Stronghold

         - Can now talk to Ash after certain events in the Stronghold

    ∙ Dozens of new chat options

         - Myaun, Ash, Flint, Zold and Rohan have new dialogue depending on choices

    ∙ One new crafting recipe / item

         - Muscle Cream (Gives +1 Physical Task per use)

    ∙ Updated item: Outlaw Cape

         - Art is now added!

         - Name has been changed to Outlaw Shirt to better reflect its art

    ∙ Our first costume (Patreon exclusive)

         - The Outlaw Costume! You can now properly roleplay as a bad guy if you wish :P

Battle System Update

    ∙ The battle system was entirely reworked this update, this includes:

         - An entirely new user-interface

             ∙ This includes animations (with hopefully sound soon)

             ∙ The player's image will also reflect in battle

         - Skills! You have a base set of skills, but also:

             ∙ Physical: Special skills with different weapon types. Different enemies might be weak to different weapon types.

             ∙ Seduction: Dominance levels. Skills vary from submissive to dominant, and different enemies will respond better to complimentary dominance.

          - Skill Hotbar -- Slot up to four skills for quick use

          - Item Hotbar -- Slot up to four items for quick use


    ∙ There were a LOT of bugs and continuity errors with the recent changes. Please, if you have the time, report any bugs here, or on the Discord.


     ∙ Fixed a hard-crash when visiting Hanok at the river

     ∙ Fixed a soft-crash when competing in the Outlaw Gauntlet


     ∙ Fixed a hard-crash if you won or lost via seduction in the Outlaw Gauntlet

     ∙ Fixed a soft-crash with asking Myaun about the idol

     ∙ Fixed an issue where the Outside The Law questlog could improperly update, prompting player to check Mardoc again

     ∙ Fixed an issue where the Stealing Steel quest was repeatable, and could be both failed and succeeded

     ∙ Fixed some scenes that Hanok's name shouldn't have been in, and some that it should have

     ∙ Fixed an issue where the description of Moss showed for many other materials in the inventory

     ∙ Fixed an issue where battle sprites would move positions in the Outlaw Gauntlet

     ∙ Fixed an issue that could cause both physical and lust scenes to show up after battles

     ∙ Fixed an issue where the bar text in battle couldn't be disabled via the preference

     ∙ Fixed an issue where the crafting menu wouldn't close correctly if you fast-travelled

     ∙ Fixed an issue where you could craft 0 items and as a result, gain unlimited use of said item

          - WARNING: DO NOT ABUSE THIS. There's a high chance of completely breaking your inventory!


     ∙ Fixed an issue when giving the items for the Healing Salve quest

     ∙ Fixed an issue with the Outside The Law quest, where running to your house didn't function properly

     ∙ Fixed some visual bugs with talking to Myaun about the Outlaws

     ∙ Added some variation to Zold's dialogue after encouraging the Outlaws

     ∙ Added an option to skip/end the CG scene with Rohan


     ∙ Fixed an issue that could cause random wins or losses in the Outlaw Gauntlet


    ∙ Getting fewer as time goes on! Thank you for all the reports, it helps me SO much and I truly appreciate it <3

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Aug 20, 2022
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Aug 20, 2022
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Aug 20, 2022

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how do i get beer

The Lion, The Witch, and the audacity of this bish:

Loving all the new stuff! I'm curious, has the permanent room at the tavern been added yet for purchase?

(1 edit)

How do you acquire the costume? I have already subscribed.

Through the companion menu (the little chat box on the bottom right) while in the forest. Ask your wolf to look around.

Thank youu

(2 edits)

This is an interesting game though the combat lacks consistency. Preferences don't seem to exist, accuracy is lacking, and there's very little guide which just means you learn yourself. I like that last part but the first two are little more than irritations. Still fun I just wish there was some kind of consistency to the flow of combat (and not missing dozens of moves). Unless I'm just an idiot who's doing it wrong LoL

Could just be I'm distracted by cute Ash

Hey, thanks for the feedback!

I'd like to specify some things and then see what I can do about them. When you say preferences don't seem to exist, do you mean like top/bottom etc? If so, then yes, they do, but there's no signal to what each enemies' preference is. 

The combat moves are noted by either an up arrow (dominant), a squiggly line (versitile) or a down arrow (submissive). Each move has a "dominance level" that enemies will respond better to if it compliments their dominance level. (i.e. the Outlaws are more dominant, so showing off your ass gets a +25% dmg boost, the other sub move is +10% dmg boost)

As for accuracy, the base accuracy with 0 stats should be 60%, and it should increase to about 80% when ~10 stat points are put into the corresponding stat. If that's not the case, let me know and I'll be sure to look into it!

And finally, for the moves -- Right now there should be three physical moves (though you get 2 more if you're weilding a sword or hammer for a total of 5) and six seduction moves (2 dom, 2 vers, 2 sub). 

This part is kind of tricky because I completely reworked a lot of the code for the combat update and to avoid any save resets, I had to do some voodoo coding magic in the background. If you're missing moves, or those numbers I described aren't what you're seeing, please let me know, it's probably a bug!

P.S. -- About the guide, I've started working on a wiki to help new players. I just moved irl though, so I've been a bit too busy to put time into it. It is coming though!

Thanks I'll give that all a try.  I still get responses like my attack misses or they didn't care for my actions.  What's the corresponding stat to boosting it?  Most my stats are 6, 8, and 10

There are a few factors. For physical it's strength, and for seduction it's charisma. Both are passed against a defensive stat of the enemy (perception and intellect respectfully) and that sets your accuracy and damage bases.

I'll write out what the accuracy base %s should be for clarity.

If your base is:

0 = 50%

10 = 65%

20 = 75%

Though now that you mention it, I wrote these formulas when I first released the game and they do seem a bit low. I've recalculated them for 0.5/0.6 so that they'll have an extra 20% accuracy, making 70% the base. Thank you for pointing it out!

Alright, I see, I understand. Thanks for the explanation

For some reason i cant click on the map. What should i do?

If you're early in the game, follow the quest in Backpack > Quest Log until it prompts you to talk to Myaun. It'll get to you interact with the map as part of the quest :)


Thank you. Love your game. Can't wait for more updates^^

So can we still not mine for steel? It still says that it will come in the .4 update but it hasn't. Will it be in the next update?


Sorry, yes, that's an error. I thought I'd have time to put it in 0.4 but real life got in the way and I was strapped for time. It's available in the next update.

When is the doctor getting a sprite?

Next update, assuming things go well. Sorry it's been taking so long 😅

where do you find mint?

defeat the otter, have a low percentage to get it.

Thank you! what do you mean by low percentage? do i have to be low on life or there's a small chance i'll get it if i fight the otter?

(1 edit)

I discovered a very weird bug in the tournament/gauntlet at the thieves' hideout? If you get a wolf and win via seduction on the first round, the game counts it as a loss, even though you can win and proceed onward if you get the wolf and seduce it in later rounds. I don't think I've gotten the wolf to show up on the second round, but third and fourth certainly are fine.

Also, I hope we can get friendlier with Ash if y'know what I mean~

(Being good friends and being able to fuck. I like Ash and he's my favorite character so far. )

EDIT: Sorry for not realizing there's a thread specifically for bugs

My problem is the opposite, if you seduce the wolf, you just automatically win that round.

Thank you as well for reporting that!

Thanks for reporting that, I'll get that fixed up asap


How can you...... how can you make him so CUTE!?!?
AAAAAAAAAAA(Light Spoilers Ahead)



Love this update! burned through all the content really fast, but I've been trying to find the Rohan stuff and I've been unable to find it yet. Is anyone willing to drop some hints about that? (also, information on how to get the Outlaw shirt would be appreciated as well)

Rohan's scene can only be found if you're friendly enough with him (Getting 2 or 3 positive relationship checks should be enough to proc it). After that, a new "Teasing" option will appear in his chat.

As for the Outlaw Shirt, it's in the Outlaw's loot pool, but it's a rare drop chance. :)

Thanks! Just saw the scene for the first time after going back to an old save, and it's super well done! 

If you ever get the chance, I'd love for more opportunities to raise his friendship further into the story so I can see the scene in my main save, as I must've missed them on my first go-around. Players being able to get the scene even if they miss the first handful of opportunities would be super nice. I may be a completionist but I doubt I'll have the patience to regrind 30 levels XD. 

Thanks, Boar and I worked super hard on it :)

As for more chances to raise relationships, there definitely will be. I think, as of right now, there should be 5 or 6 oppourtunities (2 are in the bar, if you missed them on your other save!) and there's a side event in the coming update that provides another one.

I'll run the math again though to make sure that it's balanced enough :)

 ∙ Fixed an issue where you could craft 0 items and as a result, gain unlimited use of said item - WARNING: DO NOT ABUSE THIS. There's a high chance of completely breaking your inventory. 

imma make a seperate playthrough to test this 😈

You can't on the newer patches, but if you still have an old version of the game you might be able to xP

Oh I do >:3