Public 0.10 / Patreon 0.11 - Available Now!

Hello friends! Super happy to release this new build for you all! It features the remaining dates in Mardoc, and the beginning of a new side adventure, being written by @Rikaeus.

I apologize for the delay -- this month's Patreon release was a doozy, packed full of a crazy amount of content. This one is sort of small by comparison, but I'll be trying to push another update out asap!

Hope you guys enjoy everything <3

Patreon version can be found here: Orveia 0.11

Patch Notes:


Introducing a new side-adventure: The Four Signs

    - Help the neighbouring town of Eastbrook solve the curse that plagues their village

    - Featuring a new character, two new enemies, three new locations, and four new backgrounds!

Hanok's Sprites! Your favorite lizard boy has a face!

More Dates! You can now do the first date with:

    - Myaun

     - Ash


Fixed an issue where the "Flashing FX" preference wasn't always applying correctly

Added a SFW mode. No more unwanted penises in public! (Beta, **be careful still** Report any errors immediately please!) 

Too many to remember. Special thanks to Umbra, eskanto and Hammy on discord who reported quite a few between them! <3 

Fixed a main-menu crash while talking to Dal

Fixed an issue where Hanok's shack wasn't showing where it should have    

∙ Fixed some continuity errors involving Hanok

∙ Fixed some text over-flow in the new scenes when using the "Modern" font

Fixed a problem with some chats with npcs, that would show incorrect images or placements (Thanks RenPy 8 :C)

The achievements "Question Someone" and "Find the culprit" now work correctly, and should backdate upon loading a save

Soft crash on load regarding the old "Stealing Steel" quest bug should (hopefully) be fixed... again

∙ (0.10.1) Fixed an issue where losing to the Outlaws could jump to random places

∙ (0.10.1) Fixed a problem at the end of "Stealing Steel" that could result in a soft-crash

∙ (0.10.1) Fixed a problem where your Outlaw reputation wasn't added to the enemy list

∙ (0.10.1) Fixed an issue with "Outside The Law" where it wouldn't update a hint for "Keep an eye on Mardoc" as it's supposed to


Orveia 0.10.1 (Windows) 101 MB
Aug 17, 2023
Orveia 0.10.1 (Android) 114 MB
Aug 17, 2023
Orveia 0.10.1 (Mac) 96 MB
Aug 17, 2023
Orveia 0.10.1 (Linux) 95 MB
Aug 17, 2023

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Is the creator to this ok?? He hasn't posted anything here, on Twitter, or patreon since last year. 

How get mint


When do i get to the 4 signs side adventure? Ive been trying to find it and i feel like im missing something.

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Deleted 240 days ago
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Hanok's Sprites ! Thank you !

Really had a blast dating with the two lovable tigers, and of course they're adorable.
Looking foward to that Ash CG too!

hi, i have a question where you can date with myaun if is missing ?

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If I remember correctly, you need enough friendship with him to unlock, if you had enough then he'll ask you stay for dinner.

And I suggest better do it before progressing the wolf among us quest, you can gain friendship from the bonfire event and the weekly get-together event at the bar on friday, and who you choose to companion during the Kane raid.



H O L Y   S H I T ,   T H E   G A M E ' S   N O T   D E A D !

I T ' S   B A C K !

I T ' S   A L I V E !


I both cried and laughed at this. :P

Yes, it's alive. The next patreon update is massive and took a lot of fidgeting to get it to work. Thanks for being patient!

I'm just happy for the new content. I'm holding off on the Zold date til there's nude art of him, & a bit disappointed tho that the first date with Myaun we're blindfolded & never get to see him without his clothes. I've been wanting to see that belly!

But,   H O L Y   S H I T   A   N E W   T O W N ? ! ?

A T   L O N G   L A S T   T H E   W O R L D   G R O W S   B I G G E R !

Today there's a new town, tomorrow another country becomes accessible. Who knows what will come next? This game has only begun to rise up to it's full potential. Someday it could rival Lustful Desires or Only I Have Skills or Tavern of Spear or maybe even Corruption of Champions given enough time & content. I mean you've got multiple countries mapped out, I'm hyped to see where this story goes. If the story ever goes to defeating the City of Kane itself, it will be bigger than fighting Arihama(Warlord) in lust Odessey.

whats the requirements to go on the date with ash?

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Talk with him by using the Team Member Chat when he was in your team, the option only appear in day time

hm i seem to have not done that yet is that with the mission with preparing defenses and such?

Yes,  after the defenses Ash will available in the Inn that you can require him to follow you


How do I start the new adventure?

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if you're asking how to find eastbrook-

I don't know how I did it. It might just be time based- I let a few days pass. But I also did Ash's date, then afterwards went back into town and asking finn if he needed help finally gave me the quest to go check out eastbrook.

so again, no idea what triggered it, but that's what I did before the quest popped up. hopefully this helps.


Hi! Eastbrook is triggered by two different conditions!
1)You have to have read the book that shows up in the cabin
2) Afterwards talk to Hanok about the contents of the book and then ask Finn if he needs help

I believe in 0.11 though Ash has also tied it into Hanok's personal quest so if you dont trigger it through the book you trigger it through that.

ah, that makes a lot more sense lmao, thanks for clearing it up!

Well thank frick Hanok came back temporarily for me to talk to him about the book. I didn't want to travel back in time just to do the adventure (and to date Myaun) after catching up with the shadow stuff

Thank you so much for new public update I love it amazing work