Public 0.6 / Patreon 0.7 - Available Now!

Hey guys! I'm excited to share the first end of the Outside The Law quest-line. The update also features a new enemy-type, the introduction of companions, and a bunch of new backgrounds to make the world feel a bit more real. I really hope you enjoy it <3

You can find the Patreon version here: Orveia 0.7

I did make a mistake and I forgot to back up the game patches for 0.6, so I hastily re-patched any bugs. Sorry! If you notice any bugs, please report them here or share them on Discord. Thank you guys so much!

Patch Notes:


    ∙ Continued the "Outside the Law" quest

        - Defend the town from an attacking army

    ∙ Two New Enemies

        - Kane Soldier

        - Kane Soldier (Commander Variant)

    ∙ Companions!

        - With the first ending route of \"Outside the Law\", the game's first companion is available

        - You can also test out new \"Companion Scenes\" with enemies. (Only available with the Wolf enemy at the moment)

    ∙ Fifteen new backgrounds with day, evening and night variants

        - These backgrounds are just placeholders, but I hope you like them! (Thanks DALLE2 <3)


    ∙ Stealing Steel: Fixed an issue where you couldn't give Rohan the steel


Orveia 0.6 (Windows) 111 MB
Nov 22, 2022
Orveia 0.6 (Android) 124 MB
Nov 22, 2022
Orveia 0.6 (Mac) 106 MB
Nov 22, 2022
Orveia 0.6 (Linux) 105 MB
Nov 22, 2022

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how do i get the companion?


Ok so,played it and its quite neat 😄

Not much a fan of isekai but the story makes up for it

The only problem is the art is a 5/10 For example the protagonist. HOLY SHIT WHO RAN OVER THIS GUY'S FACE!? And Thomas looks like a monkey to be honest xP

But yeah the characters look a bit sloppy but besides that its pretty neat

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I am REALLY struggling to choose who to help....
Anyway, it is a really good update, keep up the good work!
And thanks for the sweet companion.



depending on who you aid in the battle will they always get hurt and be unavailable? or is that preventable? because i did all of the preparation in the last update and finn was sent out of commission.

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Give him around two days and check back on the Inn and he'll be back


What Spring said is correct. They'll recover for 2-3 days and then they'll be back to their respective workplaces.


I love the game, especially Finn he´s so cute!!!!

Can we date Flinn btw?

Not at the moment, but if you decide to go with him during the battles you'll get a little intro to what will eventually become romancing him. :P

Flinn Finn is so cuteeeeee I love him so much I can't wait to mary that 7-foot shark

Does all the prep work help aid us in the actual boss fight? I know it's optional, but I am curious.


Things will break in town if their part of the preparation wasn't completed.

I don't remember if I've fully coded it yet, but some shops may be unavailable in the future as a result. At least until you help them with something else to fix the broken stuff.

Cool! I'm glad I did it all then.


I'm loving the new backgrounds! Really breathes life into the areas!