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Hey guys. Thank you so much for your patience!

Things have recently been very stressful in my personal life, and as a result, this update is a bit tinier in terms of word-count. Life is finally stabilizing though, and future updates are back on track! You guys are always so great for support and patience and I can't thank you enough <3

You can find the Patreon version here: Orveia 0.6

Patch Notes:


     ∙ Continued the "Outside the Law" quest

         - Help the town prepare for impending danger

     ∙ Bonfire event

         - Join the group for a bonfire and listen to stories of their past

     ∙ New Side Quest

         - Help Hanok investigate the wolves

     ∙ Various misc chat options

     ∙ One new crafting recipe

         - Steel (Sorry for the delay!)

     ∙ One new equipment piece

         - Moon Charm (from Hanok's quest)

     ∙ Naked sprites!

         - Enjoy new(d) sprites for Rohan, the Outlaw enemy, and the Wolf enemy!


    ∙ Added an option to enable/disable bright flashing effects

    ∙ Fixed some issues with the stealing steel quest.

         - The quest could bug out and lock the player from completing it

         - You can now give or sell the steel to Rohan for a positive relationship bonus (but you fail the quest!)

    ∙ Testing the player and narrator textbox on the right hand side, please give feedback!

    ∙ Fixed an issue where talking to Myaun could jump to Rohan's CG scene

    ∙ (0.5.1) Finn's Moon Charm Dialogue now functions appropriately


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Oct 13, 2022
Orveia 0.5.1 (Android) 125 MB
Oct 13, 2022
Orveia 0.5.1 (Mac) 107 MB
Oct 13, 2022
Orveia 0.5.1 (Linux) 106 MB
Oct 13, 2022

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How do you come across Rohan's naked sprite?


You need to befriend him (2 or 3 events with him, depending on which ones), and then you can talk to him about his flirty behaviour. That prompts a CG scene.

If you've already completed all of the events - 0.6 comes with a big boost for everyone in town at the end of the first main quest-line.

I am not sure how to befriend him. I am pretty sure I've done everything, but the only interactions I get with him are from speaking to him in his shop or the inn.

(1 edit)

You can double check the scenes you've completed in the menu by going to Quest Log > Achievements. You can click on the Build #s and each event is sorted by the place they're available at.

Off the top of my head, three events that give a decent-sized relationship boost are:

   • The first time you drink with Rohan at Finn's tavern ("Look around" after 10PM)

   • The group event at the tavern ("Look around" on Friday nights after 11PM). Choose to sit beside him.

   • The bonfire event. Once you near the end of the "Outside The Law" questline, you can talk to Rohan about "Stress Relief". This starts a side-quest, with an event available at the field. Choose to sit beside him.

(Just a tip: each group event allows only one relationship boost, even if they're repeatable, and it goes to the first one you choose/sit with.)

Also, as I said before, 0.6 brings the end to the "Outside The Law" quest, which provides a huge boost of friendship to everyone. I'm also tweaking some things in 0.7 to make his CG a bit easier to access. :)

Thank you <3

i still cant craft an anvil for steel is this a bug?


It's currently only available via a side-quest (Stealing Steel), and only if you side with the Outlaw. An alternate way to get it is in the works :)

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Oh……can someone tell me where the Hanok is?

You can first meet him at the bar via random event (the cloaked stranger -- the same event has options for sitting with a boar or a wolf, if that helps).

Afterwards, he can be found at the river.

Love the Outlaw♡


Please take care, and always thank you for the update.
Cheer up!